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Placing restaurant orders via handheld devices is a major trend for 2021.

5 technology trends that are transforming the restaurant industry

Working in a restaurant or a café means navigating in a fast-paced environment. Greeting new customers and taking their orders to the kitchen while other customers are waiting at their table for the possibility to pay... All this requires paying attention to a lot of details to ensure everyone has as good customer experience as possible.

Luckily there are several technology solutions for the industry that can make these processes easier. We have picked our top 5 hospitality trends for 2021 that we think will break it this year.

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Great customer experience and omnichannel engagement are keys for small businesses to compete with others.

How to identify competitive advantages for a small business

As a small business it might feel overwhelming trying to find ways to compete with larger corporations. After all, small businesses have a harder time competing with fundamentals such as price, since they don't yet have the same market share or buying power that larger businesses do.

However, this doesn't mean there aren't any areas where small businesses could put up a fight – and in some cases smaller size can actually grant a better chance for succeeding.

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customer experience online offline

How digital receipts can improve customer experiences

As with most things, change can be difficult for consumer-facing industries. Creating new expectations, or requesting customers to change their behaviour can be scary for industries who are so beholden to fluctuating trends, demands, economies, and more. But there is one "trend" that is not going anywhere, and if you want your business to have a future, it's crucial that you start thinking about your strategy now: improving customer experience.

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